When starting a case, files need to be uploaded to https://files.indica.nl. To access this site, a client certificate is needed. Without, you will get an SSL error.

Upload using the web interface

Open a web browser

  1. Go to https://files.indica.nl, choose your certificate and enter your credentials.
  2. Go to your client folder, choose the correct case or tenant folder.
  3. If needed, create a new folder by clicking on the (plus), choose 'folder'.
  4. Then click on the (plus) again, choose the files and start uploading.
  5. Progress will be shown just below the navigation bar, right to the folder name.

Large files might give an error, depending on your company or computer policies.

If an error arises, please also check out this article: Uploading large files to INDICA Cloud

Upload using Windows Explorer

Open a Windows Explorer

  1. Click on the address bar. It will change and allow you to type.
  2. Enter https://files.indica.nl/remote.php/webdav (literally).
  3. A popup allowing you to enter your username and password will appear.
  4. Click on your client folder and choose the correct case or tenant folder.
  5. You are now ready to drag and drop files into the correct folder.

Alternate upload methods using FTP or VPN are available on request also. Please contact support@indica.nl if you need this.Page: