Note: Try uploading with the normal uploading process first. If your internet connection is fast and stable enough, the normal uploader will be a lot quicker. If the upload fails with the normal upload, then try the Flow uploader.

When uploading large files using a browser, it is possible that the upload times out after some time. 

To help with this, a special option has been provided in the upload interface.

  1. First, navigate to and select your certificate. Then log in using your credentials.

  2. When logged in, look for the icon "FlowUpload" in the top menu bar and click on it.

  3. On the page that opens, click the "Select File" and pick the file to be uploaded.
  4. The file(s) will be displayed in the table below. Finally, click the "Upload/Resume all" button to start uploading.
  5. The files will be uploaded to your home directory in the folder called "FlowUpload".
    Note: the file will only be shown there once the upload is fully finished.

  6. When the upload is done, navigate to the folder "FlowUpload" from your home directory.

  7. Move the file to the correct case folder using the "Move or Copy" button.
  8.  Choose the target folder. This is the case folder for which the files are needed.
    Note: you may need to click the house icon to navigate to the home folder.

  9. When the correct folder is found, choose "Move to _____" where the line is the name of your case folder.

If questions arise using this way of uploading files, please create a support ticket for further assistance.