The API is protected using OAuth2

To get an access token issue a POST request to $endpoint/oauth/token with the following information:

  • grant_type: 'password',
  • client_id: provided_client_id,
  • client_secret: provided_client_secret,
  • username: your_username,
  • password: your_password,
  • scope: '*'

If successful you will get a JSON object with the access token like this:

  "token_type": "Bearer",
  "expires_in": 900,
  "access_token": "eyJ...r0Q",
  "refresh_token": "def...d40"

You need to pass this access_token in the header like this:

Authorization: 'Bearer ' + access_token

Getting documents

When requesting documents you can use the following endpoint: $endpoint/solr/docs

Getting facets

When requesting facets you can use the following endpoint: $endpoint/solr/facets


If you need to work with the index directly you can use the Direct SOLR API. The only filtering Indica does is using the security filter so the logged in user can not see more than his ACL allows (or denies). You can access the the Direct SOLR API using the following endpoint: $endpoint/solr