Access control is very important in every component of an IT infrastructure. In almost all cases, it is not desirable that individuals can access files from a source without limitations. Instead of ignoring the existing Access Control, INDICA honors the existing access control.


INDICA actively extracts the following properties of each document:

- Full textual content

- Full ACL (Access Control List)

- All available metadata attributes

- Custom meta attributes configured for the text extracted (like tokens, fields classification, etc)


All files residing in Microsoft SharePoint, fileshares, email, etc have access rights set to them. This means that different persons in the organization will have different rights to the file objects. Indica is the only GDPR platform capable of indexing live data (data storage that is in production) together with the user access rights. This means that once a person is authenticated to Indica, each person will only be able to find what he or she already was able to find outside of INDICA, not more and not less.

Above: Filtering data items by who is allowed to see the data items. 

Below: Meta-data view of the users that have access to a data item.