With the new NLP Graph, it is possible to visually see documents, their Natural Language keywords, and the connections between them. This enables you to quickly see and discover connections between documents, based on the content of the documents.

The NLP Graph can be found in the "Visuals" menu.

In the graph, the number of documents is limited to 20. The blue circles are documents, the green circles are the NLP keywords. The green circles with a red border do not have a connection or more documents - other than its parent.

The displayed documents can be manipulated by applying a query to your data and opening the graph again.

The plot can be manipulated by dragging and dropping the circles, or by dragging the background to pan around. Using the mouse wheel will zoom in and out.

In the top left corner, some controls are provided:

  • Draggable scrollbar
    • This increases and decreases the 'gravity' between nodes.
  • Filter icon
    • This will filter out all the nodes that do not connect to more than one document.
  • Wand icon
    • This enables automatic zooming. When nodes are not moving, it will zoom in and out automatically.
  • Magnifying glass
    • Clicking this button will zoom in or out so all nodes are visible.
  • Reset icon
    • Once one or more nodes are clicked, the selection can be reset with this button.

Double clicking a node will open the INDICA interface with a query applied to search for that node. This can be a keyword, or a document.

Filters are currently not applied to this graph.