Database connection

  1. Choose database and click 'next'.
  2. Enter connection and query details:
    1. give the Tab a name
    2. choose DB type 
    3. enter the database host by name or IP address
    4. if needed enter a custom port (default: 3306 for MySQL, 5432 for Postgres, 1433 for MSSQL)
    5. enter the database name and the corresponding credentials
    6. press 'test' to test the connection
    7. if connection is 'OK', enter a query (e.g. select * from Accounts)
    8. press test and check the results, first two rows (header and data) will be shown as sample data
    9. click 'next'
  3. Please select the correct columns for the list view (will be shown when selecting the tab), order if needed and click 'next'.
  4. Now, select the columns for the detail view. These will be shown when selecting a record. Click 'next'.
  5. Select the most distinguishing columns, these will be 'more important' when ranking. Click 'next'.
  6. Select how often the data needs to be refreshed. Click 'next'.
  7. Select which column is most useful for faceting. Click 'next'.
  8. And you're done.