The admin interface is accessible for a case administrator, not for average users.

In case of the cloud environment: 

The admin interface consists of the following tabs: home, system, search & index, data sources.

The home provides at a glance the status of the service and the indexer progress.

On the right hand top side the tab 'manage case' is visible. The case administrator should select this.

The tab 'settings' enables various settings, like 'look & feel', ' general settings' and 'search settings'.

The tab 'datasources' enables the uploading of various data sources: 'collections', 'shares', 'sites', 'email' and 'datatabs'

The tab 'tags' enables the labeling of tags and the nesting of those tags. The labeling and nesting can be different per case.

Important is to label the tags at the beginning of a new case. The can be freely entered by name, pressing enter or button 'create' will immediately activate the possible use of that particular tag in the live case.

Drag, drop and intend is possible to order and nest them freely.

There is a locking mechanism (see at the right hand side of the screen) is place to ensure a case administrator is fully aware when changes the labeling or nesting of tags, because this could impact the already placed tags in the content of a case.

Below the names and order&nesting, there is the possibility to export specific tags. The export of a tag will take some time to build the export. One tag will result in two export documents: one with a zip of all the documents and its content belonging to the tag, and one with an overview of the document names.  When the export files are ready it will show up just below the green export button, which can be downloaded to any location of your wishes.

Another tab at the top of the screen is 'saved queries'.

The last tab at the top of the screen is 'logs&reports'.