Account setup

Make sure you have a properly configured Active Directory connection.

  1. Go to manage → Datasources → E-mail 
  2. Scroll down to 'EWS Accounts'
  3. Enter the following items per account (note: you can have one account to index everything, see Exchange and O365 pages to configure this):
    • source: url of EWS server
    • username: usually in <username>@<domain name> format
    • password
    • folders to index (* will do all folders, optional to comma-separate wanted folders like "INBOX, SENT ITEMS" too)
    • expand will allow indica to index other accounts the user has rights to as well (important for system accounts!)
    • archive will allow indica to index the archive stores as well (this needs to be properly configured within Exchange)

Note: when using a system account, expand needs to be checked!

User rights and mapping

User rights will be resolved automatically. Every user will have access to mails in which they appear in to: from: cc: bcc: or resolved groups. If needed, a user can have extra rights by selecting the user in the drop-down list, adding email addresses and pressing 'save'.

For auditing purposes, a * (wildcard) might be added to allow access to all email. Please note this might be against company policy or even the law.