Step-by-step guide for installing an Indica Appliance

  • Install a fresh Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64bit machine 
    • At least 16 Gb of memory (preferred 32Gb)
    • At least 6 cores (preferred 16)
  • Create a standard user and enable ssh-server
  • Log in and sudo to root:


Please make sure that the machine has access to the internet during installation and activation.

sudo su
  • Create the appliance directory: 
mkdir /net
cd /net
  • Download the appliance install and extract the installation files:
wget [Download URL provided]
tar -zxvf indica-latest.tar.gz 
  • Install the appliance:
  • The appliance is now ready for activation.
    • Please navigate with a browser to the appliance ip address (http://[ipadress]) and press the phone home button.  

Send an email with the appliance serial code  (serial) to We will provide you with the activation key needed to unlock your appliance. 

After you have successfully activated your appliance, your Indica is ready for usage.