Your appliance has been delivered to you as a physical appliance or a virtual appliance. Your Indica Partner or Reseller might already have activated your appliance. If so, skip to 'web interface'. After powering up for the first time, the Indica appliance will show its current IP address on the console.

Step-by-step guide when powering up for the first time


  1. Press 'p' on the console 


  1. Open a web browser and browse to http://<ipaddress> for the first time.
  2. Press the 'phone home' button.

Take note of the 'serial'.

  1. Send an email to the shown '' with the serial (Indica-0###) in the subject, or contact your installation partner.
  2. Copy the activation key from the response email and paste it in the corresponding text field.
  3. Press the 'activate' button.
  4. Your appliance is ready for use.


Check your DHCP server if you don't have access to the console.